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The Collaborative Lawyer (Diana L. Martinez, Esq.) works together with their client, toward the sole goal of reaching an efficient, fair, comprehensive settlement of all issues. Collaborative Attorneys sign a written agreement that disqualifies/prohibits them as their client’s attorney to participate in any subsequent legal proceedings. The lawyers cannot go to court or threaten to go to court. Settlement is the only agenda. If a client goes to court, a Collaborative Lawyer is disqualified from further participation. The lawyer’s job includes guiding the client towards a reasonable resolution. The legal advice is an integral part of the process, but the client makes the decisions. The lawyer prepares and processes all documents required for the divorce.

The Mediator Lawyer (Diana L. Martinez, Esq. & Jessica Sanchez, Esq.) is a neutral, impartial facilitator who is trained in negotiation, conflict resolution, and communication skills. The mediator does not represent either party or take sides, nor does the mediator act as an attorney, judge, coach, or therapist. The mediator explains the mediation process to the parties, and assists divorcing couples to clarify issues, concerns, interests, needs and values. The mediator suggests or brings in various professionals to the mediation as needs arise.



Cathleen Collinsworth
Cathleen Collinsworth

The financial professional acts as a neutral party on the collaborative team who assists both spouses in gathering all the financial information about themselves as well as the community they have built together in a supportive and nurturing environment. By working with a financial neutral, the couple is encouraged to work together to compile the expenses, assets, and debts of the family, with the focus of an overall picture of their financial situation. Through this process both spouses become better educated about the extent of their assets and debts, the options available to them, and how they can each achieve their financial goals. They may also be certified professionals who work in the accounting, insurance, or investment fields and are able to advise as to the range of options available to the family and each spouse, and as to the long-term effect of each option. They can facilitate retirement planning, long-term financial investment and life insurance needs.



An experienced, licensed therapist with specific education and training in the expected behaviors, stages, challenges and tasks of the development of a child. They work with the child(ren) to address specific emotional and practical day-to-day needs as they relate to the divorce process. The Child Representative also helps in designing the parenting plans that specifically address the defined needs of the child(ren) as they go through the restructuring of the family.



A divorce coach is a skilled mental health professional, trained to manage a wide variety of emotions and issues that arise during divorce. Collaborative Divorce Coaches are all licensed mental health professionals (for example, psychologists, social workers, or marriage and family therapists). Each coach is experienced in the area of divorce and each coach receives specialized training in the Collaborative Process. Divorce coaching is not legal advice and not therapy. Divorce coaching is not about placing blame, finding fault or dealing with the past. It is designed to help an individual cope with the strong emotions generated by the major life changes created by a divorce, both positive and negative.


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